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Indian Handicrafts

Miniature painting of Jaipur

by KKGIFT STORE 21 Nov 2022
Rajasthan is full of handicrafts, hand paintings and arts. You will find a variety of paintings in Rajasthan, but the hand paintings (miniature paintings) of Jaipur reflect the tradition, art and culture. The miniature and silk paintings of Jaipur are famous all over the world for their excellent workmanship and art. Mughal Painting, Bird Painting, Ragini Painting, Raja Savari Painting, Elephant Painting, Bani Thani Painting and Village Painting are very much liked in these paintings.These paintings are intricately sculpted, completely hand made, using watercolors on silk, paper or canvas and a single squirrel hair brush. This handmade painting is made by old and experienced artisans of Jaipur.
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