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Indian Handicrafts

Wood Handicrafts in Jaipur

by KKGIFT STORE 15 Nov 2022
The handicrafts of Jaipur are world famous for their exquisite art and exquisite workmanship. This wooden handmade camel sculpture is a fine example of this art. This camel sculpture made by a master artist from Jaipur is made of wood. To make this idol, the wood is dried well and then the wood is cut according to the size of the idol. Before making the sculpture the wood is marked with a pencil and then the camel is given a rough shape and it is gradually peeled off with small tools to give it the correct shape. After giving the idol the right shape, its surface is smoothed with sand paper and then waxed and polished. To make the idol more beautiful, hand painting is also done on it, which you can clearly see in this photo. Let us tell you how the painting is made on this idol. A mixture of ceramic and fevicol is filled in a flask and through this an embossed design is drawn on the idol and painted using water colours, fabric colours, meena and brushes. And then varnish polish is applied on it so that its color and painting remain like this for a long time. Wood sculptures are a living art form of Jaipur which is still being done by experienced craftsmen.
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