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Handmade Gifts of Jaipur

by KKGIFT STORE 30 Nov 2022
Handmade Gifts of Jaipur
Although Jaipur is full of handicrafts, let us know about the handmade gifts items that are made in Jaipur. Gift items of wood, marble, gemstones, painting, metal and handmade paper are made in Jaipur. Different types of gift items are made in different areas of Jaipur. There are many artists in Jaipur who make different types of handicrafts and gift items. We give you information about these gift items.
Wooden Gift Items: In Jaipur, you will find a lot of wooden gift items such as god idols, animal idols, bird idols and office gift items. These items are made of kadamba wood and completely handmade. These items have excellent carving done on them. You will get the natural feel of wood in these gift items. These wooden items are known for their fine workmanship. These items are mostly used for home decoration and gifts.
Marble Gift Items: A wide range of marble gift items will also be seen in Jaipur, mostly idols of God are made such as Krishna idol, Ganesha idol, Lakshmi ji idol, Saraswati idol, Sai baba idol, Maa Durga idol Murti, Santoshi Maa's Murti, Hamnam Ji Murti etc. These idols are made from small to big sizes. Apart from these, you will get to see marble pot, vase, candle holder, pen holder, mobile holder, plate, clock, lamp and elephant statue here, all these marble gift items are made of Makrana marble. Makrana marble is the best quality marble. These marble gift items will also be available in plain and painting designs. Marble thalis are also very popular among marble gift items. There are different types of hand painting on these marble plates like Bani Thani painting, Mughal painting, God painting, Lady painting, Elephant painting, Tajmahal painting etc. These are bought for home decor and gifts.
Gemstones: Statues of real stones and paintings made of powder of these gemstones are very famous here. Here you will find idols, beads, and jewelry made of lapis garnet, jade, ruby, sustaine, opal, sapphire, amethyst, etc. in real stone. By using the powder of these stones, painting is also made here, which is called Gemstone painting. This painting is best for wall decor and gifting, these paintings reflect the traditional art of Jaipur.
Handmade Paper Gift Items: Handmade paper work is also very popular here. Boxes, lamps, pylons, diaries, slip pads, photo frames, etc. are made in these.
The artisans of Jaipur make many gift items using different types of material, the art of their hand is clearly visible in these items.

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