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Ambabari Elephant

by KKGIFT STORE 19 Dec 2022
Ambabadi elephant is the pride of kings and emperors. These elephants were used at the time of kings and emperors. The king and queen used to ride on this elephant. There is a throne on top of the elephant for the king and queen to sit and an umbrella to protect them from the sun. The kings used this elephant for travel, hunting and fighting. Even today Ambabadi elephants are seen in some royal weddings. The description of these elephants is also found in some old miniature paintings. In ancient times, this elephant used to be the pride of kings. kkgiftstore presents Ambadi elephant statue which is made of fine quality wood. The artisan has done excellent carving on this idol. The intricate carvings on the elephant's belly, the nice throne and the round umbrella on it is quite a sight to behold. The king is riding on this elephant and the mahout is driving this elephant. This is an antique showpiece that reflects the artistic heritage of India. If you are looking for Indian traditional gift item then this wooden handmade Ambabadi elephant is the best. You can find a wide range of Indian traditional gift items at KKGiftstore, Jaipur.
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